What Are The Key Benefits Of Working With An Access Consciousness® Facilitator?

Here are 5 reasons you might like to choose a session with me!

1. I provide you with tools so that you can implement them into your daily life.

Life didn’t come with a manual and if you are like me, you may require some tools that can assist you with life’s hiccups, stresses, challenges and even wins, creating ease when things get tough and to create even greater as you step onto your road to success. The tools of Access Consciousness®, through clever questions, clearings and processes, it enables me to create the greatest experience for your session and beyond the moment you step out the door.

2. I ask you questions so that you can get to the awareness of what is sticking you, locking you up or holding you back.

Having the answer or getting the right answer or even being given the answer can lead to disempowerment. Having an answer leads to a conclusion where we can’t ever see any other possibility outside of what we have decided. Have you ever said “I can’t because…” or “I would like to but…” These very statements/stories that we tell ourselves are often why we cannot move any further in our lives and our creations and are almost always a lie or invention we have created to stop ourselves. As an Access Consciousness® Facilitator, I ask questions during my sessions so you can discover what is true for you. You may become aware of a series of possibilities that open up as result, enabling you to create more choices and a doorway to something far greater than you are currently functioning from.

3. I empower you to know what is true for you so that you can make choices that will work for you and your creations.

My sessions are about empowering you to know what you know. My target is for you to get what is true for you so that your asks are congruent and match the energy of what you would like to have show up in your life. Not from the space of what other people say, not from what society says or what you think should to be or that you may have chosen in the past. It’s about getting to what is true for you that it brings so much lightness in your world that your life just works and you have way more ease than you thought was ever possible. Together we can begin to unveil those incongruences and lies so that you can step into a future that actually works for you.

4. I use hands on body processes as I get that you are not just a being you have a body too.

In our fast paced society our bodies are often neglected and require some much needed nurturing. Bodies also lock in all sorts of disharmony, points of view and judgements that we and others may project at it, which is often the beginning of what creates much of our dis-ease. Body processes can begin to undo these stuck points of view so that your body can have more ease. I use Access Consciousness Bars and other Access body processes to facilitate the shifts that your body is asking for ultimately creating shifts in your life too.

5. I create a space of ease and no judgement so that you can show up and un hide all of your unique capacities, super powers, potencies and talents to step into the totality of you with and for your creations.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who creates space for you and your journey without judgement, who doesn’t judge your choices, doesn’t judge you or your body and doesn’t judge the difference you be? Imagine the shifts and changes that are available to you and your world when you are facilitated from that space. I look forward to working with you!

For more tips, to book a session or to join or request a class you can make an appointment by phoning 0415225261 or send me an email. Or to see if we are a fit you can also book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Session.

Danielle Tooley
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator & Energetic Body Facilitator




I am a transformation coach and energetic body worker. I can perceive people's limitations and blockages and am able to facilitate them to space of greater possibility. My sessions are both hands on and interactive. What would you like your life to look like? I am here to create a space for you to choose the most expansive, phenomenal life that you have always known is possible yet never chosen. Lets do this together!