What is Ask & Receive? Simply put it is the art of bringing that which you really wish to have in your life, into reality!

I have always said that ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get’. This is truly the way the universe functions, if you really wish to receive something into your life then you have to ask! Then get creating to generate the life that you know is possible!

Here are a few tips.

According to Gary Douglas founder of Access Consciousness® and writer of ‘Money isn’t the problem you are’ (see Shop to purchase this great book and others) we must eliminate 5 key words from our vocabulary:

Want – means to lack. If you look want up in the English dictionary prior to 1946 you will find there are several definitions of want meaning to lack.

Need – Means to lack also as you cannot have anything if you need it greed will follow because you will be trying to get.

Try – is never achieving, try is making no choice, try is doing nothing.

Why – is a fork in the road and you will always come back to the beginning. Listen to a 2 year old asking why and you will understand.

But – Whenever you say but you counter your first statement ie: ‘I would like to but I cant afford it.’

Some words or sentences to replace want and need are  ‘what would it take to have…(blank)’ or ‘what would it be like to create…(blank)’.

Another helpful tip is to choose what which you are asking for to actualise.

For example if you wish to go on that dream holiday, perhaps start picking up brochures. Talk about the holiday you wish to go on as if you really are going. Get some accomodation quotes. Put the brochures on the fridge.

This is my story of actualising. We bought and moved into a house in 2012 and my husband at the time ripped out the original kitchen and put in an ex display home kitchen which we were given. It was a shocker, it didn’t fit properly and the cupboards were so high I couldn’t reach them to put anything in. So all of my crockery went into the pantry along with all the food. Yes one cupboard for everything. There was also no bench space to prepare food, it was just a disaster. Being a cook and always in the kitchen I cried. We had no money at the time to redo the kitchen. However with a demand in my world, I invited 3 cabinet makers in to look at the kitchen and got some designs and quotes. One month later we received a large amount of money from shares which paid for the kitchen, and as a bonus, paid off our credit card debt too! How does it get any better than that?

The awesome thing about asking and receiving is that it doesn’t always show up the way you imagine, it can be even better than you imagine. So it’s imperative that you always stay in the question, lower all of your walls and barriers, let go of any judgements and conclusions that you might be holding onto and the possibilities that can show up are literally endless.

Money can show up from anywhere too. Just this week I spent a great deal of time listening to audios about creating. I was called by my friend who put me onto a market research group who wished to do a paid group discussion on laundry detergent. The company was paying $360 for me to comment and try out their product. When my friend phoned to tell me about the market research I nearly jumped out of my skin. She commented that I sounded like I had just won the lottery. I was so grateful as it was money that just showed up out of know where. I had been learning these new tools that week and the money just seemed to fall out of the sky and with ease!

So what if you asked yourself ‘What generative energy, space and consciousness can I be to allow everything I am asking for to actualise in my life with total ease?’ and see what shows up for you!

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