Are you looking for more ease with your relationships? What have you decided relationship is that it isn’t? What if you could throw the rule book out now and look at a totally different possibility with how you can be in relationship?┬á

Here is a couple of tips to get you looking at relationships in a whole new way and get the joy with them you truly desire.

Don’t use these tips if you would like more joy with your insignificant other ­čÖé

Judgement Day.

From a very young age we are taught to judge. taught to judge what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad and everything in between. What if judgement was the biggest killer of relationships? Instead of going into judgement of your partner what if you could look at what you are actually grateful for? What is it that he/she provides in your life? What makes them special to you?

Write down 5 things that you are grateful for and see if that changes the energy of what you are creating with them.

Now how do you feel about them? Better, worse or the same? Better! That’s because judgement cannot exist in gratitude. How cool is that?



My grandpa made a speech at his 60th wedding anniversary and one of the family members asked what his secret was to to their long marriage. He responded with “Don’t try to change them just love them for who they are.” Wow! The penny has only just recently dropped for me in regards to this. How much do we not allow people to be who they are? Allow them to do what they want to do? What if being in total allowance of your partner was one of the biggest keys to creating a happy relationship?

How many of you got a guy or girl just so you could fix them up and make them be the way you want them to be? Except it doesn’t ever work. Allowing them to be all of them is the greatest gift you can be to them and yourself and actually the world we live in.


Creating Crap Or Creating Your Future?

When in a relationship with someone, what if you asked what can we create together that we cannot do apart? What can we create for our future? What will your life look like in 5, 10, 20 years time if you created Blank with them? Creation is what will create your life and living together so that your relationship is more of a creationship. What is very common in relationships is that if you are not creating together, creating a future together you will most likely create crap! All the crap that you can think of to fill the void of no creation.

So what you want to ask is what together can we create today that will create the future we know is possible right away? You may notice a whole range of things pop up for you when you ask that question.

What is truly possible now with your relationships now and in the future?


By Danielle Tooley-  Access Consciousness CF,

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I am a transformation coach and energetic body worker. I can perceive people's limitations and blockages and am able to facilitate them to space of greater possibility. My sessions are both hands on and interactive. What would you like your life to look like? I am here to create a space for you to choose the most expansive, phenomenal life that you have always known is possible yet never chosen. Lets do this together!

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