I notice that as I choose more of me and step into greater, that things just don’t have the same energetic contribution like they used to. Have you noticed that too?
That dress that you used to love just doesn’t sing on your body anymore.
  • The question is do you hold onto it waiting for it to rock your world again or do you let it go allowing space for more to come into your life?
That job that you have been in for so long just no longer resonates.
  • Do you keep holding onto it out of obligation or out of fear of change? Or is it time to open another door and start something new and fresh?
The cafe you usually eat at no longer has that vibe that you once enjoyed.
  • Do you keep going hoping that the vibe will come back? Or do you choose new places and new possibilities that light you and your body up?
What else are you aware of that you could add to this list that could have some light shone on it?
It’s important to note that as you grow and transform that your priorities begin to change too and that is totally ok.
  • Have you acknowledged how different you are from yesterday, last week, last year? Or are you still hanging onto what once was?
  • Could you now be aware that these things have reached their peak and it may be time and the space to venture into new waters?
  • If you didn’t make change wrong, what could you choose from this new space of being and begin to adjust and shift your physical environment to match.


Change is inevitable and it’s only us that holds it back!

The question is what can you choose next that will expand your adventure of living? You got this

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I am a transformation coach and energetic body worker. I can perceive people's limitations and blockages and am able to facilitate them to space of greater possibility. My sessions are both hands on and interactive. What would you like your life to look like? I am here to create a space for you to choose the most expansive, phenomenal life that you have always known is possible yet never chosen. Lets do this together!