So it’s “The New Year” and it’s often a time when we reflect on the year before and make pacts with ourselves to do something different for the year ahead, creating New Years resolutions.

However often times we don’t follow through with our resolutions. Why?

Well how many judgement do we have to use to hold those New Years Resolutions in place? For example we might say to ourselves, “I am too fat so I must start a diet for the next year.” Except that we have so much judgement of our body being “not right or a problem or too fat” that the lack of kindness and gratitude that we have for our beautiful body, is the very thing it requires to make the change, not the actual diet itself.

Without changing ones mind set and getting out of judgement,  there is little chance we can change the issue we have decide we have with our body or anything else we are judging for that matter.

This could also include judgements we have with our business, our relationships, our money situation or something else. If it’s a judgment of the body that you have then the body hears the judgement and says “oh you want more of that? Ok here it is.” Hence the reason we revert back to the way we were before we tried to make a change, such as losing weigh. Or we won’t stick to the program, or not even get started at all. 

All those judgments that we have solidify and hold the very things in place we desire to change. Would you like to choose a different way of creating what you WOULD like?

Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness says, “As long as you are doing judgement instead of choice, nothing will ever change!’

Here’s a little home play if you would like to create some change in this area, get out of judgment and create a greater life for your life beyond the new year.

Are you ready? Will you play with me for real? What do you have to lose? If nothing changes you are not any worse off and if something changes big or small.

What truly is possible for your life and living now that you have not yet considered? 

Here we go!

What 3 things do you judge about you the most?

Now is the time to get really honest with yourself, go to the places you may have even hidden from you!

Now look at those three judgements.

What is the value of holding onto them?

What do you perceive would change if you let go of those judgements?

What change could occur if you no longer held onto those judgements?

What would your life be like in 5, 10, 25 years time if you no longer acquired them?

Now everything those 3 judgements are and every where you have created them, let’s destroy and uncreate them and let them go on 3. Ready? 1, 2, 3.

What do you notice now?

What do you the being perceive?

What do you notice in your body?

Now let’s look at 3 things that you are grateful for about you. 

What do you notice when you focus on those 3 things?

Take a moment now to check in with yourself. 

Does your world expand? Can you add more than 3 things?

What do you perceive in your body, your being and your world when you are grateful for those things?

What would your life be like in 5, 10, 25 years time if you were grateful for those things everyday?

Get the energy of that. Wow!

Can you perceive it? 

Thanks for playing with me. I would love to hear your feedback when you have had a play with these tools. I wonder what is possible for you beyond the New Year just by shifting perspective? Let’s rock it together!

Gratitude In Abundance For YOU,

Danielle Tooley, Access Consciousness CF


I am a transformation coach and energetic body worker. I can perceive people's limitations and blockages and am able to facilitate them to space of greater possibility. My sessions are both hands on and interactive. What would you like your life to look like? I am here to create a space for you to choose the most expansive, phenomenal life that you have always known is possible yet never chosen. Lets do this together!

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