Access® 3 Day Body Class

Would you like more ease in your body?

What if it is possible to unlock pain and suffering?

Many people have reported incredible changes in their bodies from these amazing processes as a result they are enjoying their bodies more.

The Access Body Processes will allow you to create more ease in your body. There are 60 processes in the manual and when used can help with the immune system, pain, flexibility or anywhere you have locked up your body creating Dis-ease.

These classes are run over 3 days and require Bars, a Foundation class or another advanced class such as a Choice Of Possibilities as a pre-requisite. The Access body processes can also be used on children and animals too! I have personally changed chronic back pain, twisted ankles, knee problems and so much more!

What else is possible for you?



Pre-requisites: Bars, Foundation or another advanced class within 12 months