The Access Bars® Certification Course

Would you like to experience and learn an amazing technique that is literally changing lives?

What would it be like to let go of mind chatter, stress and anxiety?

What if it is possible to create more ease in your body?

Imagine if you could create greater possibilities in your life?

If this sounds like fun to you and you know there is more possible, come and join me and learn The Access Bars®.

The Access Bars Course is a 1 Day class where you will gift and receive The Access Bars® twice. You will receive a manual and head charts, plus a certificate on completion. At the end of the class you have the ability to use your new skill on friends, family and even paying clients! What would you like to choose? Come play and find out!

What are The Bars®?

They are 32 points on the head and when gently and effortlessly touched start to unlock all the judgements and limitations we have created over lifetimes. Some of the points relate to money, health, creativity, body, joy, ageing and more. So relaxing, at worst you will feel like you have had the best massage. At best your whole life could change!

What are benefits of the Access Bars® ?

Many people report having less reaction to stressful situations and more clarity and awareness. Creative abilities are increased as is performance. Children benefit from this amazing process as their recovery can be faster when they are ill. Parents often report less sick days from school and kinder and their learning seems to benefit too.
In my practice I have seen patients have shifts in illness, pain, money flows, business, relationships, stress, anxiety, weight issues and the list goes on!

What can you expect at The Access Bars® class?

It will be a super relaxing day where you will get to gift and receive The Access Bars® twice, receive a manual, laminated head charts and a certificate on completion.

What are people saying?

“Greater clarity & awareness, more allowance and tolerance to external stresses, more energy, balanced emotionally, increase in money flows, sleeping better, improved health and wellbeing, shift in chronic pain.”

“After this one day Bars Workshop I was able to practice my new skill on family, friends and even paying clients. It ties in beautifully with other modalities such as massage, chiropractic, naturopathy too!”


$450 ($225 Repeat Price)

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

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