Oh Hey There! A bit about me…

I have over 20 years of experience in the health, wellness and beauty industry. I have two incredible kids and a Golden Retriever fur baby called Luna. I love to create in my business, travel, fine dine and sip on beautiful wines carefully selected by my beautiful partner. I enjoy pamper days, long walks in nature, sunny skies and practicing yoga. I am also a proud co-author of the Anxiety Relief Handbook.

In my sessions I can perceive and work with you to start to unlock what is holding you back from creating and generating your phenomenal life and bring out your very own unique capacities and gifts.

I enjoy transforming people’s lives and empowering them to know that they know. I stay on the cutting edge of creation and regularly attend workshops and seminars so that you can get the best out of your sessions and classes.

The areas in which I can assist in creating ease for you are:

• Anxiety and Stress
• Health
• Your Body
• Money Issues
• Relationships
• Business
• Sleep
• Children & Babies & Behaviour
• Receiving
• Pain
• Study, Learning & Creativity
• Assistance With Animals

Up Close and Personal

I am a mum of two dynamic and amazing children. I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator plus I have a Diploma in Massage, Reflexology and Certificates In Kinergetics (Energetic Kinesiology). I also have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and am a qualified Beauty Therapist.

As a child I was always a seeker interested in what was not considered ‘the norm’ in this reality. Lucky for me my mum nurtured this interest and gave me books on witch craft, dreams, tarot cards, astrology and other out of this realm literature. I remember the first time I perceived energy during a Massage Class when I was in Beauty school. It was an incredible experience and I knew there was a gift in it for me. Always knowing there was something more and whilst working as a Beauty Therapist in London in my early twenties, I completed my Reflexology Diploma.

I was inspired by this healing modality and amazed by the changes that I was able to facilitate in people’s bodies. On returning to Australia from my travels I jumped straight into a Kinesiology course and soon after used this skill on clients in my very own practice, incorporating Massage and Reflexology.

I eventually closed my practice and my teaching after I got married and fell pregnant. I then had my second child and unfortunately due to a move interstate and my focus solely on family, I had lost myself in the process. I was very stressed, tired and overwhelmed by parenting, as my husband at the time traveled a lot and I was miserable.

I rang my Kinesiology teacher for some helpful advice and perhaps some inspiration. She mentioned Access Consciousness® and how dynamic it was and that she had added that to her practice creating some amazing shifts in people’s lives. The energy of what she was talking about matched what I had been searching for and I registered for my first class immediately.

I was completely blown away by the results of the workshop and found that years of heaviness were lifted off my shoulders just like that. The bonus was I had a new skill to practice. I started my business up again with a new name, new look and brand new clients immediately and it has grown exponentially and I now facilitate globally.

I am enjoying running a busy practice coaching, facilitating, running workshops, online classes and mentoring people in their business using these life changing tools. I have had many adventures travelling with my work too. My income has increased dynamically, I shed 5.5 kgs of weight I had been carrying, I have so much more confidence and acknowledge the greatness that I am instead of being in constant judgement. The friends I have around me are kind, caring and nurturing, my relationship with myself and others is like I have never experienced before. Trauma and drama does not hold any significance and is no longer centre stage anymore.

When life is tricky and uncomfortable I have the tools to create more ease with it. Life is a gift and I am enjoying it more and more everyday. These tools have really created some amazing change in my life for which I am extremely grateful. It is from these experiences and life’s awareness’ that it is apparent to me that people need knowledge of their own power and potency and how to access it. And I just love watching people transform before my eyes!

If this inspires you, I wonder what can we create together that will enable you to “Have That Phenomenal Life” too?

What can I provide for you?

I can empower you to know that you know and facilitate the changes within you, which you always knew were possible yet were somehow blocked from. I use energetic body work, facilitation and coaching to create a space for you to start to choose a life that works for you.

I work with clients in all different capacities such as Mentoring in Business, Money problems, Relationship issues, Illness, Stress and Anxiety, Bodies and Health and so much more. What are the possibilities for you?

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