Energetic Synthesis Of Structural Embodiment (ESSE)

ESSE is an energetic body process that works on the Fascia tissue of the muscles. It can unfix everything that has been fixed into the body including injuries. Many of the injuries and pain that we experience is an awareness that we  are not willing to have. It is also where we have a stuck point of view about how our body is wrong.

What are the benefits of ESSE?

ESSE assists with mobility, flexibility and any limitation that inhibits the body from functioning at its best. ESSE can also be used on animals and in particular horses, to create dynamic results in the way a body moves. There are many benefits of an ESSE session and above all else your just body loves to be nurtured.

What can you expect from an ESSE session?

I will spend 60 mins working on your body with a strong pressure. The energy and your body will guide me to where your fascia tissue requires the touch and I will work there. As a result you will find that your muscles will relax and you may gain greater movement and mobility. These sessions can be done fully clothed or with your undergarments on. Deeply relaxing, this process can create incredible shifts. I personally have felt more freedom in my body during yoga after I was given a session. My daughter shared after ESSE, that during her dance class she was able to remember the choreography she was given more easily.


60 minute session $200