Energy Sessions For Kids

My unique signature sessions are a fantastic way to create change any area that is inhibiting a child’s growth and happiness. I can unlock areas of of a child’s life that are creating dis-harmony. This can assist them in reaching their full potential both at school and home.

My sessions can dissolve limitations and judgements that kids are holding onto, creating a sense of ease and possibility. Kids of all ages will enjoy the benefits of a session, including teenagers during the challenging years.

What are the benefits of an energy session for your child?

These session can benefit babies, children and teenagers in the following areas:

• Improved sleep
• Decrease in stress, anxiety and depression
• A boost for the immune system
• Improved health and wellness
• Improved clarity and focus for schooling, study, learning & creativity
• Decrease in behavioural issues
• Increase in relaxation and calm
• Phobias
• Autism, ADHD, ADD, Eating Disorders

What can you expect during a session?

Your child’s session will run for 30 minutes whilst you stay in the room. I will either run the session on my massage table or on the floor whilst they play. This will depend on their age, ability to lie still and their energy levels as I get the requirement for movement in children. I will share tools and gently touch points on their head as a result your child may experience a state of peace and calm. You may stay in the room for the duration of your child’s session. Your child will also have access to some toys and colouring pencils if they desire. I love to work with kids and their creativity. Above all you are in great hands as I am a mum myself and have taught kids for 3 decades!


Children under 15 $80


My teenager said it's strange she feels so happy and can't remember feeling happy for sooooo long. She enjoyed the sessions they were really good, thank you.

Danielle was amazing with facilitating my daughter when she was unsettled & uncomfortable with stomach pains. Through her gentle touch it allowed her to dissipate the pain and discomfort almost immediately. She is also incredibly helpful with settling babies in the early stages with sleep issues. I can’t recommend Danielle highly enough she has a great understanding of children and what they require!

I booked in a session with Danielle when I was literally a mess over some of the behaviours my 11 year old was presenting with at school. During the session my 11 year old son was able to engage easily with Danielle as she was a true invitation for him to be himself. It was such a gift to have someone who was willing to listen to him without making him wrong for his choices and even encourage him to do what he enjoys doing most. The clearings and tools that Danielle used with him created a space and ease that has not previously been available to him and this in turn created a change for me as the parent as well. This created so much more ease for him and I at home as well as at school. So much so that he can even hear me now when I discuss or suggest ways of dealing with difficult situations. He is really embracing and enjoying school more now where previously he hated it. This was only after one 30 min session! I would definitely use Danielle again the kids and I really enjoy chatting with her.