Welcome to the Conscious Seeker Podcast With Danielle Tooley.

These conversations are for people seeking consciousness to inspire them to look at where they are in life and what they would like to be and choose in the world, sparking awarenesses that shift universes. These topics will use questions, tools and processes from Access Consciousness a modality that is designed to empower you to know what you know. 

From managing projects, teams, viewing a movie, reading a book (and even a text message) to discussing a hot topic that’s up in the world, there are a lot of different perspectives and points of view that we all have. Join me as I chat with Sarah Watt – Australasian Regional Co-Ordinator for Access Consciousness, about Different Perspectives and what they can invite you to, no matter what your role in life is.

What is the animal kingdom communicating with us and what is our unique way of tapping into that? Join me as I chat with Viv Adcock, Talk To The Animals Facilitator as she shares the gift she has with animals.

Do you find it hard to make choices? Pondering over them for days, months and even years? What if choice could be easy, just by simply asking is this a yes or no in my world?

An incredible conversation with Diva Diaz about the miraculous healing she had with her body after she fractured her spine from a fall.

What would it be like to receive everything that you are asking for at the speed of space?