Symphony Sessions®

Are you ready for a dynamic change and the magical contribution of energy?

Are emotional issues locking up your body?

Do you have pains and unease in your body and you have tried everything?

Are things just not going in the direction you would like them to go in?

How does it help?

These Symphony Sessions can shift those issues stuck in your body and energy fields and you can start to get a sense of who you actually be.

I follow energetically the blocks that require shifting from a nurturing space. I perceive them and create a space for them to melt away. I work with the energy systems of your body to create transformation that are beyond the realms of possibility. I create a space for you to uncreate and transform places that have been limiting the ease you could have with your body and life.

What if this created communion with your body that you have never known was possible and you could start to include it back into your life and living. We can look at what you are creating in your body and unlock those places giving you a sense of ease, space, relaxation and so much more!


60 mins in Person/Zoom/Phone $200