I loved the tools, destroying and uncreating the energy of those few things which were holding me back or slowing me down or whatever they were doing! I feel really good now and refreshed. Thank you so much!!!” SB NSW

I thought I would drop you a quick note to say thank you for the Access Bars Class that I did earlier this year. The benefits after the class were phenomenal and I have not had the same deep seated grief that I was suffering from at the time due to the loss of my mother and my dearest friend.”  LB Melbourne

Thank you for the Symphony Session. Loved it and the space you created Danielle. Thank you for bringing your Ninja spirit to cut through limitations my body has been holding onto for way too long. I appreciate your enthusiastic, ‘no mucking around’ approach. Let’s get to those core beliefs, judgements & limitations and smash them into oblivion! There is also a gentleness and kindness you be that I know I required & is much appreciated. My body floated out of your room saying more please? Infinite gratitude for you Danielle.”  R.D Melbourne

Many thanks for today’s session, it was really interesting and I felt lighter of some of my own B-S afterwards (you know what I mean…) . Suddenly found myself posting an offer after spending all morning feeling like I had nothing to come up with, (now, why is that? I am getting awesome results with my life caoching clients! damn you lack of self confidence – I’ll be practicing the clearing on that belief!!!) I’ve just put an offer for life coaching and now doing my first ever Facebook advert to the general public. Me thinks your session had a lot to do with this! Big thanks for your time xxx

My last session of Access Consciousness I experienced with Danielle was amazing. During the session I could feel myself shifting, opening my mind and releasing patterns that no longer serve me . As the session was coming to an end I felt my energy change a smile came to my face and there was a sense of peace!” Chadstone, VIC

I am just coming through a turbulent time in my life and there have been countless times that Danielle has helped keep my head above water when I felt like I was drowning. Kinesiology, the BEST back massages in the world!!! and more recently Access Consciousness, have all served to cleanse the toxicity in my body and even more so my mind. During my treatments I felt deeply relaxed, yet afterwards I was so energised.

Danielle has helped me to banish my fears and embrace life again in a positive manner. Finally I feel like me again! She is a truly gifted soul and I can’t recommend her highly enough.” A. Sanderson, East Bentleigh, VIC

What a great choice I made recently to receive the most amazing massage from Danielle! Started with Reflexology on the feet. Gentle movements on my feet that could be felt all over my body. Heaven! Then a back and shoulder massage. More relaxing, releasing all tight areas and I could have sworn there were more than two hands working on me! Amazing sensation! I floated out of there. Can’t wait for another session!!” Andrea, Brisbane, QLD

Dan thank you so much!! I left you feeling light and energised-just how I want to feel everyday! I am feeling inspired to write down my targets and get aiming.” LC, Port Melbourne, Vic

This has seriously changed my life! I am a performer and since working with Danielle and Access, my awareness of who I am and what I can be has become phenomenal! I have been able to create incredible opportunities and I know it’s because of this! Highly recommended!” Sarah G, Deer Park, Vic

The actual treatment was BLISSFULL I have never been that relaxed yet aware of what I was feeling physically in my body. Unsure if I was going to see immediate results I did notice something huge. For about 2 months before I saw Danielle I had a bit of a nasal spray addiction and amazingly during the treatment I could actually feel my sinuses popping and since then I have not touched nasal spray since. How about that! So can’t wait to see her again!” Susy, Cranbourne, VIC

I have 2 confessions upon writing this testimonial;

During 2012, my wife and I separated after 9 years of marriage. Having lost both my parents to heart disease during my teenage years, I now felt more alone than ever before and absolutely scared #*$%less of the journey ahead. My answer again was to put one foot in front of the other, head down and soldier on.

It was after this day that I realised that I couldn’t continue to fight this internal private war of sadness on my own and did something so foreign to me (and all males I guess), I started talking to my friends about how I was feeling.

Danielle is a vary rare person that has a gift for helping people. I have now had 3 sessions with her and I am blown away with how I feel. Last week I had a life changing event/session and owe it all to Danielle. I have felt the weight of 20+ years of grief, sadness, anger etc completely lifted, and whilst its early days, I completely feel on top of things and happier than I EVER have. I want to live, love and laugh again. It’s the best drug ever!!

Reading this it sounds a bit like counselling, and whilst Danielle is a great listener and challenges you, counselling it is not. Having your ‘Bars’ run is something I would definitely recommend. My challenge now, is to continue to feel like this, to which Danielle will play a big part. It’s amazing what can come your way if you have an open mind, and ask “what else is possible?” Eltham, VIC

I have tried many other modalities which have all been amazing and have assisted me in my journey, however I got to a point where I wasn’t getting what I needed and there just seemed to be some code that could not be cracked.

Access is on a completely different level to anything I have ever been a part of. I am so connected to Danielle that I physically feel change as we do clearings. These changes then may not be immediately visible, but I often find myself a couple of weeks later saying ‘oh, such and such, isn’t effecting me anymore’. An example of this is that I had Plantar Fasciitis and Danielle did an energetic body process on my foot. A couple of weeks later the major symptoms were gone and I was left with only a few niggles here and there. It’s an awesome realisation/reflection. I can happily say that Access has cracked the code for me and I am so much more at ease with everything and looking forward to what else is possible.

My relationships with family, friends and work colleagues are all the better for it. How does it get any better than that?” Ilana, East Bentleigh, Vic

I had the pleasure of taking a Body Process class with Danielle and it was an amazing experience. I had an issue with my wrist which was bothering me for a while, and after the class it was completaly gone. Powerful healing, welcoming and a remarkable experience. Danielle is nurturing, genuine and really makes you feel good around her. I can’t wait for the next class! Thanks Dani for sharing your knowledge and guiding me! Brisbane QLD

Danielle has the most gentle and uncanny ability to get to the core of an issue quickly which helps me to clear it with so much ease. I love that she has no judgements or conclusions about what is happening in my life at the time, only love and contribution. When I’m stuck, either in my head or in my body, Danielle is my first choice to help me as I always experience a great change in my reality after a session with her. Cheltenham VIC